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Workshops, training and resources to support people with their sexuality and relationships

We offer a range of education services for carers, families and professionals, to help them better understand and support others in their relationships and sexuality.


SECCA is known for the quality of its workshops, with places in hot demand.  Our signature day workshops help build understanding of sexuality and disability, and different key stages in development.  We have a sex positive, human rights approach to sexuality, and use best practice, evidence-informed material.


SECCA can provide short presentations on requested topics for your staff or stakeholders.  These presentations can be a useful introduction to specific topics, and we recommend them in addition to full workshops.  Short presentations often take the form of a SECCA services overview, key points on a specific topic, and a Q&A session.

Please contact Sandra Norman for further information.


SECCA offers training in the use of the SECCA App and other resources.  We run full day workshops, and also offer introductory zoom trainings for individuals or teams.


The SECCA Library features a wealth of resources, from academic to practical, covering the lifespan of sexuality topics.

SECCA creates unique visually-led resources to fill the gap in sexuality education for people with alternate learning styles, and for everyone building their comfort and knowledge in this area.

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Over 300 pre-programmed lessons to teach and learn about sexuality and relationships

John struggles to engage with people because of his background and disability.  He was referred to SECCA for help with setting boundaries and developing skills to build healthy relationships.

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