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Seeking Counselling

Before you send in a referral, check if there is a quicker way to get the help you need.

How can we help?

  • Does the person you are referring need one-to-one counselling, or just information?
  • Have you tried one of our workshops to empower yourself to better help the person you support?
  • Have you reviewed our Resources and considered whether they can help you?
  • Is the requirement for SECCA’s specialised service, or could your Behavioural Support Specialist or OT help?  They can help with protective behaviours and boundary setting.
  • We offer consults to help families and professionals support others with sexuality issues. Would this benefit you rather than having your client wait for counselling?

If you need assistance now, please follow a link above.  If you would like to submit a Referral form to join the waitlist for counselling, please complete the Referral form.

Referrals are reviewed when they arrive to ensure we are the right service provider for you, or if we can help in the immediate with resources or telephone support. Thereafter, referrals join our waitlist and you will be advised when a counselling spot becomes available.

Please be aware we have a wait list due to high demand and the impact of COVID 19.

Thank you for your understanding.

NDIS Funding

SECCA has worked hard to ensure that the introduction of the NDIS is as seamless as possible. For information on accessing SECCA’s services under NDIS funding please follow the link.

John struggles to engage with people because of his background and disability.  He was referred to SECCA for help with setting boundaries and developing skills to build healthy relationships.

Do you need emergency support?