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SECCA provides specialist counselling and education in regards to human relationships and sexuality.

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We work individually with people of all ages and abilities who seek support with sexuality and relationships.  We also offer education and resources to family members and significant carers, to help them continue supporting away from the therapy room.

All SECCA therapists (counsellors) are tertiary trained and have extensive experience in both sexuality and disability issues. Counselling is conducted on a one-to-one basis, enabling the therapist to deliver unique sessions that meet the particular learning style, needs, age and ability of each individual.

Illustration representing SECCA's Board members.

Counselling under an NDIS Plan

SECCA is NDIS registered and you can access counselling through your NDIS Plan. Counselling is offered under Capacity Building and Core Supports. Please talk with your Plan manager for advice.

Please complete the Referral form so we can arrange a quote for individual counselling sessions (a ‘Schedule of Supports’). A Service Agreement is signed when counselling begins.

Please be aware that SECCA does have a waitlist for its counselling services.  Maybe your immediate need can be answered via one of our Resources, or through a phone conversation with one of our educators or counsellors?

Cancellation Policy

Clients are required to give 24hours notice to cancel their appointment without financial penalty. Full fees apply without notice of cancellation.

Short Care Counselling

SECCA is able to offer some Short Care Counselling (three sessions) to people with a disability who are not eligible for a NDIS Plan, or who do not currently have counselling available in their Plan.  During these sessions any further counselling needs will be assessed, and a recommendation for inclusion in your NDIS Plan can be made.

To access Short Care Counselling, please complete the Referral form.

Make a Referral

All requests for counselling start with a Referral.

Anyone can make a Referral – the individual them self, a support worker or family member, or another service provider.

A medical referral is not required.

Please contact SECCA for further information about our counselling service or if you require a hard copy of SECCA’s Referral form.

Please note: Due to high demand, SECCA has a wait list for counselling.

Referrals are reviewed when they arrive to ensure we are the right service provider for you, or if we can help in the immediate with resources or telephone support.  Thereafter, referrals join our waitlist and you will be advised when a counselling spot becomes available. Thank you for your understanding.

Please also consider whether  a SECCA Workshop or our Consultancy service could be what you need?  We have discovered that for some, this provides the help they are after.

Seeking counselling?

All requests for counselling start with a Referral. Anyone can make a Referral – a medical referral is not required. Review the information on our Counselling Referral Form page before completing a Referral Form.

NDIS Funding

SECCA has worked hard to ensure that the introduction of the NDIS is as seamless as possible. For information on accessing SECCA’s services under NDIS funding please follow the link.

Through counselling in a one-on-one situation, Beth felt safe to learn about puberty and body changes.

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