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Your Guide to Cervical Screening

Information about the Cervical Screening Test

In partnership with the WA Cervical Cancer Prevention Program, SECCA has created a booklet and brochure about the Cervical Screening Test.

They are to make sure you feel comfortable before, during and after the test. They will also tell you why it is important to have the test and where you can go to get your test.

All SECCA brochures are available to download as a PDF.

Hard copies are also available. To place your order for a free copy of any of our brochures, please email contact us here, or call us on 08 9420-7226.

If you need extra support with your Cervical Screening Test, there are places you can go for help.

  • Your doctor

Your doctor is the best person to speak with about cervical screening.

Change your personal information or find out when you are due for your Cervical Screening Test.

Information and answers to common questions about cervical screening, including where you can have the test.

Information and resources in different languages

WACCPP have compiled an access and inclusion guide about Western Australian health providers specialising in sexual health. You can find information about services which have access to facilities such as a bed hoist, ramps, or if there is access to an interpreter.

Download a PDF here.

Download ‘The Cervical Screening Test’ Brochure

Download Your Guide to Cervical Screening Book

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Our Resources

Did you know that SECCA has a developed a world-class range of resources, and many are free?