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A free innovative resource to support relationships and sexuality education for people of all ages and abilities.

The SECCA App was developed alongside educators and therapists who work with children and adults with particular educational needs.

The SECCA App provides teachers, education assistants, counsellors and behaviour therapists, health workers, medical staff, and support staff with a resource to assess and develop an individual’s understanding of relationships and sexuality concepts.

The SECCA App includes Foundation Games to assess knowledge of core primary concepts, a lesson plan area to create, edit, and plan customised lessons, and a working space to interact with images and share understanding.

Foundation Games

These cover early concepts in a range of teaching modes, with some surprise games and fun features.  Start here to assess knowledge and build familiarity with the App and its images.

Lesson Plans

Over 300 lesson plans are ready to go, covering both Early and Advanced Concepts.  Plans offer suggestions for addressing gaps in knowledge, assessing understanding, presenting new concepts, or enabling communication around learning needs.

The Working Space

The working space is where the learning and teaching takes place. It provides flexibility in being able to drag and drop images onto the board.  Images are moved around in a variety of teaching modes including sorting, yes/no, appropriate vs inappropriate, expected vs unexpected, picture sentences, sequencing, and social story making.

Accessibility Features

Additional features include tapping images to hear their names, pinching and squeezing out to rescale images to make them larger on touch screens, and flicking tiles off the top or side of the board to discard them. The App is also compatible with eye-gaze technology.

Training and Support

The SECCA App has it’s own website support page. Visit it here for more information, and video guides on how to use the App.

Don’t like the screen?

Our Sexuality and Relationships Teaching Resource is available to purchase, for students who prefer a non-digital resource.

Example page ("Introduction") from the current Sexuality, Relationships and Your Rights book.

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Like many young people, Tom accesses and uses pornography, which he stumbled on by accident when he was 13. Most of his information about sex and sexuality is coming from the pornography he watches.