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SECCA has developed a range of unique resources to help people of all abilities learn and teach about relationships, sexuality,
health and rights.

Our resources are picture-based and written in easy English to ensure access and understanding.  We use anatomically correct illustrations to remove the ambiguity that often confuses or adds shame to learning about sexuality.

Most of our resources are free and can be downloaded below. Hard copies can also be collected from our West Perth office, or we can mail them to you - contact us here.

Need help?

If you are looking for a particular resource to help you learn or teach, you can call the SECCA office and talk with a team member who can help you find an appropriate resource.

The SECCA Library

Our Library has resources from around the world, related to sexuality and disability.

Illustration representing someone using the SECCA App.


Feel Safe

Feel Safe is an accessible, interactive and multi-media resource that explores Protective Behaviours concepts. It was specifically designed with and for young adults with varying abilities.

Illustration representing someone using the SECCA App.



A free innovative resource to support relationships and sexuality education for people of all ages and abilities.