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Real Stories

SECCA supports people with disability to learn about human relationships, sexuality and sexual health.

SECCA supports people with a range of cognitive and physical disabilities, and neurodevelopmental conditions.  Many of our clients are faced with intersectional challenges around poor education, accommodation challenges, contact with the criminal system, fractured families and mental health issues.

The criminal system is one mistake away

Toby is known to the justice system – primarily for absconding and stealing a bike.  At 16 he was sentenced to juvenile detention for charges relating to ‘sexting’ inappropriate images on social media.

Porn creates new challenges

Like many young people, Tom accesses and uses pornography, which he stumbled on by accident when he was 13. Most of his information about sex and sexuality is coming from the pornography he watches.

Our Resources

Did you know that SECCA has a developed a world-class range of resources, and many are free?